Membership — Join SPParks

Levels and Benefits

Type SustainingExtendingEnriching
Donation Level$30-50$51-150$151+
Appreciation AcknowledgementSPParks PenSPParks PenSPParks Pen
Quarterly NewsletterYesYesYes
Eblast MagazineYesYesYes
Lecture Discount50%50%Complimentary
Annual General MeetingYesYesYes
Store DiscountYesYesYes
SPParks MaskYesYes
Jorgensen Book----Standard Edition
Private TourYes

To join or renew your SPParks membership just make a donation of $30 or more.

(See the table above for membership levels and benefits.)

To join or renew by making a donation by check,  print and fill out the Membership Form and mail with

your check to the address shown on the form.

To join by making a donation via PayPal, follow the donate link to our PayPal donation page. Please specify

that your payment is for membership and leave your contact information.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do we still have individual and family levels?

No, individuals or couples can sign up at any amount. If two people sign up they are both members.

2. What are the dates of the membership year?

January 1st to December 31st.

3. What if I sign up after January 1st?

Membership beginning after August 31st will include the next calendar year; all others end on December 31st.

4. Do I still get a membership card?

Not unless you ask for one.

5. How do I prove membership to get my store and/or lecture discounts?

Membership lists will be stored at the Barracks store and will be available at all other events.

6. What is the store discount for members?

20% for merchandise excluding books.

7. When and where will I receive my SPParks membership gift or gifts?

Visit our Barracks Gift Store during regular hours.