Board Members

  • Suzanne Berube – Director, Events
  • Yvonne Bowers – Treasurer
  • Jim Carr – Director
  • Anne Cox – President
  • Jim Danaher – Director
  • Sharon Douglas – Director
  • Dee Katson – Director, Media
  • Mary Kearney – Director
  • Jerome Knill – Director, Lectures
  • Hugh McBride – Director
  • Mike Owens – Director – Membership
  • Sue Vargas – Vice President

About Us

SONOMA PETALUMA PARKS, Inc. (SPParks), formerly known as Sonoma/Petaluma State Historic Parks Association, is a non-profit organization incorporated in June, 1982 as a cooperating association of the California State Park Association.

Our Mission

To further the preservation and interpretive and educational functions of the Sonoma and Petaluma Adobe State Historic Parks.

SPParks three “pillars” of support for our parks:

Interpretation Pillar

  • Funds docent training and enrichment
  • Funds park staff attendance at seminars and workshops
  • Underwrites the many community events at each of the park venues

Preservation Pillar

  • Initiated a plan and raised funds for the phased repair of the walls of the Petaluma Adobe, a multi-year effort
  • Funded a water clarification system for the pond at the Vallejo Home
  • Funded an audio system for the Mission Chapel and a flat screen TV display for the Barracks

Awareness Pillar

  • Sponsors concerts, lectures and theater performances at the parks
  • Participates in community events such as the July 4 parade
  • Promotes our parks’ interests before local and state governments