“Stories from Sonoma Plaza History” a lecture by Jim Silverman

Sonoma Petaluma Parks, Inc. (SPParks) will host Jim Silverman telling “Stories from Sonoma Plaza History” and introduce these 8 historic acres – our Plaza – as if welcoming new friends to our home. The stories peel back layers of time and consider our natural legacy. They remember the people who lived here for thousands of years, our town’s early development and life here in the 1880s up to the early 20th century. Along the way, he’ll hint at stories that want telling but remain largely unexplored.

Jim Silverman, a retired librarian, threw himself into creating a Plaza history walking tour as a Covid survival project called SonomaPlazaHistory.com. In addition to the tour, the project features Mike Acker’s iconic “Portrait of the Sonoma Plaza” curated as Plaza art-history videos.

Admission is any donation at the door.