PUEBLO DAY - The Founding of Sonoma


On June 24, 1835 Lieutenant Mariano Vallejo, The commandante of Sonoma, was ordered to establish a presidio and pueblo in Sonoma. This was the official beginning of the city of Sonoma. Pueblo Day, held on June 25, 2016 at the Sonoma Barracks, commemorated that event. 

Volunteers and staff demonstrated, and had our visitors try, wool carding, lassoing, making tortillas (very popular) and designing a pueblo flag. Indian crafts, including a small thule boat, were on display. Philip Herrschaft was kind enough to appear and give a lecture and demonstration of loading and firing a musket of the period. The crowd was amused to hear all the figures of speech that derive from that activity, for example, flash in the pan, don’t go off half-cocked. Kids had a great time and even adults enjoyed trying to rope the stallion, aka sawhorse. But it was hot, hot, HOT. 

(photos by Bob Alwitt)

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