About one hundred people gathered at the Veteran’s Memorial Building in Sonoma on Thursday evening, October 27, for our annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Parks staff hosted volunteers and their guests in appreciation of their service at our local state historic parks. Volunteers were from the ranks of docents, gardeners, store sales people and SPParks board members who help provide a memorable experience for our parks visitors. Staff organized the evening activities, served as barmaids and servers for a delicious lasagna dinner from Mary’s Pizza Shack. Rob Pickett and other staff members expressed their appreciation for the varied and important services provided by volunteers.  It was a relaxed gathering of people with a commitment to our parks that was enjoyed by all.

volunteer dinner-1000062.jpg volunteer dinner-1000064.jpg volunteer dinner-1000069.jpg volunteer dinner-1000072.jpg volunteer dinner-1000075.jpg volunteer dinner-1000078.jpg volunteer dinner-1000082.jpg volunteer dinner-1000084.jpg