mission-5-2.jpgxmas mission-.jpgxmas mission--2.jpgThe traditional Las Posadas included four sessions of the procession and carols at the Mission. Park staff Kayla Rohde and Kathy Wolcott portrayed Mary and Joseph, Dave Duplantier shepherded Spumoni the donkey, and Emily Walski oversaw Sonoma’s favorite Christmas event. Docent Ed Purkey played the part of the innkeeper and Kyle Duchynski welcomed the visitors to the Chapel. Countless Park volunteers lit candles, handed out programs, and provided support for the evening.

The Barracks were busy with activity - from the campfire in the courtyard (where former Park staff Philip Herrschaft led everyone in song), to the Girl Scouts helping young ones craft Victorian Christmas crackers. Delicious cookies and cider were served by Park volunteers and Patrick Kearney opened the Barracks Bookstore so our townspeople could shop for holiday gifts. A special treat in the store was Barbara White Perry signing copies of her latest book, Drawing Sonoma, a collection of ink and charcoal drawings of historic and unique buildings of Sonoma Valley.

Once again, the Pickle Creek String Band filled the Toscano Hotel with music. The Toscano overflowing with visitors, many singing and some even dancing. Visitors also enjoyed having a look around the hotel, kitchen and dining room, with docents answering questions.

History was on display at the rarely opened Blue Wing Inn. Park staff Alex Coburn and volunteers portrayed characters of the Gold Rush era at the Inn. Gambling, drinking, and gorging filled the Blue Wing with life! (No worries though… No money changed hands, the drink of the night was cider, and guests gorged on cookies and roasted chestnuts.) The night brought life back into the Blue Wing Inn.

Denise Fowler-Horsfall, Park Aide