Pueblo Day, honoring the founding of Sonoma in 1835, was celebrated at the Sonoma Barracks where almost 300 residents and visitors viewed exhibits, re-enactments and demonstrations of crafts of the period. They were serenaded by Los Gu’achis Californio band, listened to a brief history of Sonoma delivered by Gen.Mariano Vallejo (aka Patrick Garcia) who was accompanied by his mother and mother-in-law (portrayed by Theresa Diaz and Lisa Hepps) and Ft.Ross manager Ropchev (portrayed by Harry Steeper) and watched a black powder demonstration by musketeer Ernie Manzo under the supervision of Scott Pace. Wool spinners Susan Hector and Michael Sampson came up from San Diego to demonstrate how to use a drop spindle and a spinning wheel to make yarn from combed wool, and then twisting different color strands to make a bicolored yarn. Lacemakers Carol Bassoni from Gilroy and Kit Foster from Petaluma showed us how they manipulate an intricate array of spindles and pins to make lace - at a rate of about an inch an hour. Alex Coburn baked bread in the horno oven and prairie hen in the coals. Children tried their hands at leather stamping under the watchful eye of Amy Southwick. Lots of things to do and look at and enjoy - a fun day for all. bob_alwitt_photocredit-1030071 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030058 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030060 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030067 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030062 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030036 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030052 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030077 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030080 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030111 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030106 copy.jpgbob_alwitt_photocredit-1030097 copy.jpg