Jorgensen Book Reception


On the early evening of October 18 about fifty people gathered in the Sonoma Mission courtyard to greet the long-awaited arrival of the book, “California Missions, The Paintings of Chris Jorgensen,” with full color reproductions of all the Jorgensen paintings on display at the Sonoma Mission. Yvonne Bowers, President of SPParks, spoke of the long road to get to this point, of the many starts and stops over the years, and the final successful push by Ronnie Cline, under the guidance of Carol Dodge, and with financing provided by SPParks. Carol told us the history of the collection and Ronnie gave a recap of their effort. Difficulties persisted to the day of the reception as Stephen Hamilton and Jim Carr had to travel to Alameda to pick up fifteen cases of books that had just cleared Customs.

book launch-1030529.jpgbook launch-1030534.jpgbook launch-1030536.jpgbook launch-1030541.jpgbook launch-1030545.jpg