The air was hazy with smoke from the Butte and Camp Fires, but not so much as to deter a good turnout of children, with parents and grandparents in tow, from attending this popular annual event. A new craft was created by Dave Duplantier, who provided materials that could be used to build a model thule grass canoe, or rough approximation, and then see if it floated in “Blue Lake”. Other old favorites were available: decorating a gingerbread man, clothespin dolls, paper link chain, leather stamping and many more. For those who needed refreshment, Emily Walski and Frances Weiner served cookies, cider and coffee. The smoke in the air reminded us that last year our October fires resulted in postponement of this event until December. This year we were on schedule, but our sympathy to those who are now suffering from the fires of 2018.

Dave D_RAlwitt-0689.jpgDave D_RAlwitt-0691.jpgDave D_RAlwitt-0717.jpgCecilyCook_RAlwitt-0726.jpgLiam&Brendan Marsden_DarbyTolbert_RAlwitt-0735.jpgLylia Coli_RAlwitt-0723.jpgMaia&Lucia Ortega,Greta Hinkley_RAlwitt0697.jpgVictorian crafts overview1.jpg Victorian crafts overview2.jpg Victorian Crafts overview3.jpgAnneCox,Gerry Baptiste,TamraRollins.jpg JimKeck, Yvonne,Anne.jpg Sharon Savage-0749.jpg