On Sunday, August 18, docents, volunteers, parks staff, and their spouses and partners gathered in the lovely picnic grove of Park Creek Village in Sonoma for our annual picnic. Arrangements were courtesy of Suzanne Berube while Sharon Douglas took on the role of organizer and hostess at the bountiful buffet tables. We filled all the picnic tables, enjoying the shade along Sonoma Creek as we munched fried chicken and the delicious side dishes brought by the picnickers. Jim Danaher soon took our attention with his annual Picnic-In-The-Park History Mystery Quiz. As usual, no one got the right answers to all twelve questions. [Q&A will be published in the Fall 2019 Gazette.] A lovely way to spend a summer Sunday afternoon.

picnic-0206.jpg(Mike Owens photo)

picnic-0209.jpg(Mike Owens photo)

picnic-0211.jpg(Mike Owens photo)picnic-.jpg(Mike Owens photo)picnic-0526.jpg(Bob Alwitt photo)

picnic-0524.jpg(Bob Alwitt photo)

picnic-0522.jpg(Bob Alwitt photo)

(picnic-0529.jpgBob Alwitt photo)