About eighty docents, parks volunteers, and their guests gathered on January 30 at the Veteran Memorial Building in Sonoma to be feted by our local parks staff at the annual Volunteer Appreciation Dinner. Parks staff served a delicious buffet provided by El Molino Central and kept glasses full. Participants reached out to give special thanks to Joleen Ossello for organizing this warmhearted and gracious evening.

A special event at this year’s dinner was honoring Fran Weiner, Helen Herbaugh and Gunther Solomon for their many years of docent service. They each received the Poppy Award, a statewide recognition granted to individuals who have made significant contributions to the betterment of California State Parks through their voluntary service. Fran became a docent in 2006 and Helen and Gunther joined a year later. In the intervening years many hours of their time was spent giving tours and volunteering at parks events. 

overview.JPG                                                                                                                                         (photo Kathy Paulsen)

PIS Phil McCulley serving dinner.JPG

Phil McCulley, Denise Fowler serving the guests                                     (photo DPR)

Poppy Awards_Fran Weiner, Helen Herbaugh, Gunther Solomon, Vol Coor J. Ossello.JPGFran Weiner, Helen Herbaugh, Gunther Solomon, Joleen Ossello    (photo K. Paulsen) HQ VIPP Dennis Weber.JPGDennis Weber  (HQ VIPP) Sharon Douglas, Suzanne Berube, Jim Danaher, Karen Barrett                                                                                 (photo K. Paulsen)

SPPO D. Shelly, Vol A. Piotter, Landscape Tech L. Luzzi, Mrs. Piotter.JPG                                                                              Derek Shelly, Alan Piotter, Lynn Luzzi, Sandy Piotter                      (photo K. Paulsen)



Wildflower Vols_Nancy Bundschu, Sara Clegg, Marilyn Kittleson.jpgNancy Bundschu, Sara Clegg, Marilyn Kittleson - Wildflower Volunteers  (DPR photo)