Happy 80th to Tamra Rollins

When I reached out to you all a few weeks ago, I received this response from long-time Toscano Kitchen Docent, Tamra Rollins. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did….Joleen

Tamra, Happy 80th Birthday from California State Parks!

The 10 best things about turning 80 are:

10. Eighty years of listening to good music: 40’s, Don’t Fence Me In; 50’s Wake Up Little Suzy; 60’s Hey Jude; 70’s Joy to the World (Three Dog Night version); 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s, none (go back to 40’s).

9. Eighty years of eating good food. Roughly, 6240 hamburgers.

8. Travel: The World, near and far; know for sure there is no place like home.

7. Rewards for a Long Life Well Lived: Senior discounts everywhere.

6. Senior Moments: Always making new friends.

5. Deep Issues Resolved: Those dreams of showing up to school in your underwear have finally disappeared.

4. Confidence in the Future: Only 20 more years to your 100th birthday, the BIG party.

3. Wisdom: Eighty years of experience; It’s not what happens, but how you handle it that makes the difference.

2. Gratitude for 80 Years of Progress: You can walk down the street talking to yourself and people think you’re on your iPhone.

1. Love: Eighty years of family and friends, love conquers all!