Private Group Tours

Private group tours are once again available at our park venues when the venue is open to the general public.  

A private tour, guided by a trained docent, can be arranged for a group on a particular time schedule. Tour groups traveling on their own bus may make use of this option. Other groups, such as families, or corporate groups, that want to be together may also find this attractive. Each group of 25 people or less will have a docent meet them at the venue and provide a historic tour for the specified time and tailored to particular interests of the group. If the group visits more than one venue a new docent will meet them at each location at a specified time. Each venue visit is considered a Group Tour. This service can be provided at each of the historic park venues in Sonoma and Petaluma. Free parking is available at each venue.

There are two charges for these tours:

  • A donation of $50.00 for each Group Tour, payable by check made out to Sonoma Petaluma Parks, Inc. must be submitted with the Private Tour application in order to secure a reservation. Payment¬†may also be made using PayPal.
  • At the time of the visit each person over age 17 must pay a State Park entry fee of $3.00. This fee allows you to visit all parks venues on that day.

For more information email

See our Group Tour Reservation Form.