Sonoma Index-Tribune: “Location of the Missing Sonoma Mission Cemetery”

The November 15, 2021 issue of The Sonoma Index-Tribune features on its front page an article, “Location of the Missing Sonoma Mission Cemetery.”  Retired historian and archaeologist George McKale’s examination of old drawings and maps provided by the I-T led him to conclude that there may be some merit to the idea that the Castagnasso property directly east of the original mission church likely was a mission cemetery. The tract has never been subject to an archaeologic dig.

Peter Meyerhof, local historian and SPParks member, gave a talk in 2015 to the Sonoma Valley Historical Society, “A New Theory on the Location of the Missing Sonoma Mission Cemetery”, in which he presented evidence that a cemetery labeled as “Cemetery del Padre” on another Sonoma map from c1850 lies on a hillside east of 2nd Street East. He agrees that there may have been burials on the Castagnasso tract but states in a recent email, “I would like to see cadaver dogs used on both sites.”